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Drum Mix Asphalt Plant suppliers


  • Drum Mix Asphalt Plant suppliers


Price : $22.00(Fixed)
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Date : May 17, 2023
Condition : New
Location : taibei

Drum Mix Asphalt Plant suppliers Performance characteristics of DHB80 Asphalt Drum Plant 1. The drying drum adopts a friction start, stable rotation, low vibration and a low voice; 2. The unique design of the inner plate of the drying cylinder enables sufficient heat exchange of the aggregate. High thermal efficiency; 3. The cold aggregate supply adopts electromagnetic or frequency conversion speed regulation, high precision and long life. Equipped with a vibrating screen to remove waste and reduce heat loss. 4. Use cloth bags to remove dust to meet national environmental protection requirements; 5. Modular design, fixed and mobile, easy to install, repair, maintain and transfer. Features of Asphalt Drum Plant 鈼?Cold material supply system Composition: Four belt feeders and a set of conveyor belt conveyors. Parameters: bucket capacity: 4脳6.5m3; bucket width: 3.2m; loading height: 3.0m; Motor power: 4脳1.5kW; warehouse vibrator: 0.25kW; The aggregate belt conveyor has a bandwidth of 500mm; the motor power is 4kW; and the conveying capacity is 80t/h. Features: The silo is equipped with a screen and the feeder motor adopts electromagnetic speed control. 鈼?Intermediate filter screen Form: Inclined gravity flow. Features: The middle filter screen has no vibration, and there is little dust overflow. It can prevent unqualified materials from entering the drying drum and elevator, saving energy, and preventing blockage of large stones. 銆€ 鈼?Inclined belt feeder Parameters: Bandwidth: 500mm; Motor power: 5.5kW. 鈼?Drying drum Parameters: Diameter: 1.5m; Length: 8m; Motor power: 4脳7.5kW. Features: The drying drum adopts gear and ring gear meshing transmission, and the transmission is stable. 鈼?Hoist Parameters and characteristics: Single-row plate chain is used; the hopper is reinforced with 65Mn steel plate; the power of the hoist is 11kW. 鈼?Dust removal system Parameters and characteristics: adopt double-tube cyclone dust collector and bag filter; induced draft fan power 55kW, spiral 4kW The filter area of the bag filter is 408 square meters 鈼?Finished product silo Parameters and features: The storage bin has a volume of 9m3, the upper feeding level sensing device, and a temperature sensor at the discharge port; the door opening mechanism uses a hydraulic cylinder, and the hydraulic pump power is 2.2kW; the receiving height is 2.8m. 鈼?Asphalt tank and asphalt pipeline Composition: 1 asphalt tank. Parameters: Volume: 50m3銆€; motor power of induced draft fan: 4kW; 1 asphalt pump; Features: Burn coal or wood, use the spiral hot air pipe to heat the asphalt. 鈼?Control system Composition: One control room, one electrical console and the cables needed to reach the equipment. Features of Asphalt Drum Plant: (1) The external dimension of the control room is 2.2m脳2.28m脳2.5m imitating a container structure, the wall is made of color steel plate, double-layer insulation, color steel doors and windows; split air conditioner; beautiful appearance, convenient hoisting and transportation, and good sealing performance; (2) The electrical control adopts a desktop console. The main components are domestic well-known brands Chint Electric or Delixi Electric, with interlocking and secondary protection; the console is equipped with manual control operating devices, main motor current display, and finished materials Temperature display and cold aggregate, coal, asphalt frequency converter; convenient and intuitive operation.Drum Mix Asphalt Plant suppliers website:


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